Josep Carreras as Stiffelio
Allor Gesù rivolto
Al popolo assembrato
Mostrò l'adultera
Ch'era a suoi piedi e così disse:
'Quegli di voi che non peccò
La prima pietra scagli.'

E la donna
Perdonata s'alzò.
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The censors were not happy with STIFFELIO. Protestant priest married with an un faithful wife (Lina). A story that envolved about forgiveness from act 1 to last act (act 3). But Giuseppe Verdi loved the story and had made powerful music with this powerful subject so he made a new opera from the music of STIFFELIO.

AROLDO, a saxon knight with an unfaithful wife (Mina). Same story essentially but not so much Bible reading and Church going. But now it has 4 acts.

3 great tenors as Stiffelio (stage debut): Josep Carreras (1/93), Plácido Domingo (10/93), José Cura (6/95)
3 opera houses where I have seen Stiffelio: London (2007), Vienna (1997, 2004, 2009), Zurich (2004, 2006)

Discography: AROLDO video/audio, STIFFELIO video/audio